Birthday Makers

If you are looking for a great Birthday experience for your Mini Maker, then check out our Birthday Makers! We offer a variety of projects on canvas, wood and art quality paper using paint, pencils, markers, glues, texture pastes, textiles and cool tools! Our only limitation is our imagination! Check out some of the cool projects we have done lately for Birthday Makers.

Team Makers

Our Team Maker classes are a great way to build comradery and friendship amongst your co-workers. We can create a custom class where each person gets to create their own unique art piece or we can create a large collaborative project in which you take back to the office to display proudly.

Gift Makers

This year, we introduced “Gift Makers” to our lineup of class offerings. Gift Makers is a time for our elementary aged kids to come and make meaningful and purposeful gifts for their loved one. In our first class, the kids stenciled a geometric heart onto a flour sack towel. They LOOOOVE stenciling. It gives them a fabulous end result while they are still able to add their own artistic touch. We also made a drink coaster with a similar technique as the towels, but then we did some GILDING! Oh my! They had a blast with that! Who teaches KIDS how to guild anyway??!? WE DO!!! I firmly believe we limit our kids imagination by what they are not introduced to.

In our 2nd Gift Makers session, this one was for ones that were a little bit older. We created an amazing cell phone stand with photo clip.